Christmas holiday pharmacy opening times

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Pharmacies open during Christmas holiday period.

South East

BoroughPharmacy NameAddressPostcodeTelephoneChristmas Day 25th Dec 2023Boxing Day 26th Dec 2023New Year’s Day 1st January 2024
BexleySt Johns Pharmacy16 High Street, SidcupDA14 6EH020 8309 168710:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
BromleyPetts Wood Pharmacy83 Queensway, Petts Wood, OrpingtonBR5 1DQ01689 89858010:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
Boots234 High Street, BromleyBR1 1HD020 8464 0231CLOSED11:00-15:0011:00-15:00
GreenwichMasters Pharmacy176- Shooters Hill, LondonSE3 8RP020 8856 110410:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
St James Pharmacy52 Powis StreetSE18 6LQ020 8854 368410:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
LambethVitelow Pharmacy26 Clapham Road, ClaphamSW9 0JG020 7735 273010:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Kingshield Pharmacy387 Brixton Road, LondonSW9 7DE020 7274 242410:00-18:0014:00-18:0014:00-18:00
Queens Pharmacy12 Queenstown Road, Battersea, LondonSW8 3RX020 7720 860610:00-18:00CLOSEDCLOSED
LewishamRushey Green PharmacyThe Primary Care Centre, Hawstead Road, LondonSE6 4JH020 7138 179010:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
SouthwarkHarfleur Pharmacy107 Tower Bridge Rd, LondonSE1 4TW020 7407 005110:00-18:00CLOSEDCLOSED
Boots Hayes GalleriaUnit 8-11 Hays Galleria, Counter StreetSE1 9HD020 7407 4276CLOSED11:00-15:0011:00-15:00

South West London

BoroughPharmacy NameAddressPostcodeTelephoneChristmas Day 25th Dec 2023Boxing Day 26th Dec 2023New Year’s Day 1st January 2024
CroydonMayday Pharmacy514 London RoadCR7 7HQ020 8689 934509:00-22:0009:00-22:0009:00-22:00
Osbon Pharmacy (St.Clare)21 Norfolk House, George Street, CroydonCR0 1LG020 8688 913310:00-18:0011:00-17:0011:00-17:00
Foxley Lane Pharmacy32 Foxley Lane PurleyCR8 3EE020 8668 689110:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
KingstonBoots19 Victoria Rd, Surbiton, SurreyKT6 4JZ020 8399 2715CLOSED11:00-15:0011:00-15:00
PSM Pharmacy388 Ewell Road, SurbitonKT6 7BB020 8399 316510:00-18:0014:00-18:0014:00-18:00
MertonA P Chemist Ltd129 High Street Colliers Wood, LondonSW19 2HR020 8542 322110:00-18:0010:00-14:0010:00-14:00
Sterling Chemist21-23 Wimbledon Hill Road, Wimbledon. LondonSW19 7NE020 8947 880310:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
RichmondK C Pharmacy23 Broad Street, TeddingtonTW11 8QZ020 8977 135110:00-18:0014:00-18:0014:00-18:00
Boots the Chemist60-64 George Street, RichmondTW9 1HF020 8940 1691CLOSED11:00-15:0011:00-15:00
SuttonSutton & Merton Out of Hours28 The Market Wrythe Lane, CarshaltonSM5 1AG020 8644 958910:00-22:0010:00-22:0010:00-22:00
Victoria Chemists524 London Road, North CheamSM3 8HW020 8287 477710:00-18:0012:00-16:0012:00-16:00
Boots the Chemist109-111 High Street, SuttonSM1 1JG020 8642 7575CLOSED11:00-15:0011:00-15:00
WandsworthTooting Pharmacy175 Upper Tooting RoadSW17 7TJ020 8672 584310:00-18:0014:00-18:0014:00-18:00
Boots the Chemist95-99 Southside Shopping Centre, WandsworthSW18 4TG020 8874 5704CLOSED11:00-15:0011:00-15:00